About The Book


I actually bought this book for my wife to read, but I read the first few pages and could not put it down! This is a real life story of love, courage, faith, and a couple battling back against overwhelming odds. This amazing couple refused to give up on their faith in Jesus Christ or their marriage, despite having to tread, to say the least, a challenging path. While their story will have an instant connection to Christian readers, I believe this book will capture the hearts of anyone who opens it’s pages. I have read books on faith and marriage, from pastors and other experts. But, “Hanging on to Hope” is written by someone who has been in the trenches and put in the hard work to make her faith and marriage work. One moment she is rending your heart and putting tears in your eyes, the next you are laughing or filled with joy and admiration as Annette and/or her husband Adam make it through another challenge. This would be an incredible resource for Church women’s. men’s or couple’s groups.

-Carl Deeley


I loved reading “Hanging on to Hope”, and shed many a tear as I read Annette’s heartwarming story of the Lord’s miraculous work in her life. It is such a reminder that the Lord not only gives us His strength through all our trials, but He is ever present during them. Her honesty in her account of her early painful experiences, her struggles with depression, and how the Lord resurrected her marriage, is so refreshing and so full of hope for all of us. Annette has wrapped her story around four words…”Our God is able”. The Lord’s promise of Hope in Him, is what makes all believers “overcomers”. Isaiah 43:19

-Judy D.


This is an excellent, heart-touching book. Annette shares her deepest struggles in life in a beautiful way, and shares how keeping her faith and hope in God has not only kept her alive, but is allowing her to be a blessing to others. If you are working through life’s difficulties, this book encourages you to keep on, and hang on to the hope God gives. Thank you, Annette, for sharing!

-Lisa Weatherly


The author writes a very personal testimony of the darkest days of her life and marriage. When all seemed destitute, her decision to succumb to the love of God gave her HOPE. Such as encouragement to all of us to never give up.

-Jan Neal